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Netrias provides data science solutions that integrate insights and technologies into existing workflows in the life sciences. Our platform enables scientists to leverage the full potential of integrated, modern high-throughput screening outputs, and automates processing and analysis pipelines. Netrias offers a cross-experiment and cross-data type, expressive, life science data model and query language that accelerates the discovery cycle.

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Netrias listens, understands your research problem, and applies AI technologies to accelerate innovative research.

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Netrias enhances your team with our Data Science experts. We design and build data science solutions that integrate powerful analytics into existing workflows.

Recent Work

Netrias' Chief Data Scientist Presents at Capitol One Data Intelligence Conference

Netrias CEO Gives Talk at Ignite Annapolis

Netrias Chief Executive Officer Matt Puglisi recently gave a talk at Ignite Annapolis titled Don’t Be Afraid of AI. Be Afraid of Other People.

Netrias' Chief Data Scientist Presents Talk on Adapting Deep Learning for the Life Sciences

Netrias Chief Data Scientist Mohammed Eslami, Ph.D., recently presented a talk at Georgetown: “How Will AI Revolutionize Biomedical Research? Adapting Deep Learning for the Life Sciences”
To view the presentation, click here.

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