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Transform your team with data science solutions

Netrias designs and builds data science solutions with our customers that integrate powerful analytics into their existing workflows. Big Data or small data; on premises, hosted or hybrid infrastructures; off-the-shelf or cutting edge, customized Deep Learning and Machine Learning (ML) analytics. We enhance your team with our Data Science experts.

Design and build

Design and build a solution with you

We sit down with you and your team, and we match analytics and infrastructure to the problems you need to solve, and the associated questions you need to answer.

We help you identify the capabilities of your data. Netrias will help you reveal the hidden insights in complex and noisy data, whether the datasets are small or Big. 

We identify the investments you have made in hardware, software and people, and integrate the solution with your strategy and technology roadmaps. Netrias builds and analyzes datasets on single machines, high-performance compute environments in the Cloud, and from Gb to Pb in scale.

Integrate data insights into your existing workflows

We integrate data insights into existing workflows to generate answers that solve your problems. We can build a stack, run the analytics, tear it down, and give you the answers. We can perform a one-day workshop or Hackathons with your team to enable them to deeply understand the problem, and the solution, and integrate these into your workflow. Or, we can build a persistent solution on your platforms, on our platform, or a hybrid.

Integrate data insights
effective analytics

Bring the most effective analytics to the data

With ensembles of analytics, Netrias pushes the Data Science envelope by optimizing approaches that fully leverage fundamental and advanced capabilities of your data. Netrias employs Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms that generate insights from small or Big Data on internal or distributed systems. We rapidly tear down technology solutions to provide fast, flexible, secure and scalable solutions.

We bring our analytics to the data whether it is on premises, on our technology solutions, or a hybrid.

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