Accelerate the scientific discovery process with our proven automated technology.

Our expert team of data scientists, microbiologists and software engineers, develop robust solutions that utilize deployable, automated workflows and predictive modeling to streamline the entire data curation process from end-to-end, and determine the next steps in scientific validation and exploration. Designed to minimize manual human curation, our technology empowers life sciences experts with AI-ready data to rapidly and consistently generate breakthroughs.

Robustly agile, the Netrias PathEngine rapidly and precisely curates multi-omics data to deliver a resilient data pipeline.

Our automated technology processes raw, unformatted assay data into AI-ready dataframes by isolating data from assay file formats, combining like and similar data, and correcting names, typos, unifying headers and other applicable information. Completed quickly and with minimal human curation, this harmonized data is ready for model analysis.

PathEngine features:

  • Device and data agnostic
  • Prepares data for machine learning
  • Accelerates process between wet lab to insights

Responsive and reliable, the Netrias Combinatorial Design Model leverages predictive modeling to determine the next steps in scientific validation and exploration.

Our proven technology accelerates the scientific discovery process by rapidly and reliably producing predictions that empower scientists to determine the next steps in experiments.

Combinatorial Design Model features:

  • Processes data on single set of conditions
  • Predicts all combinations of outcomes across the condition space
  • Optimizes experimentation
  • Saves years of wet lab time
  • Reduces experimentation cost

Acutely intuitive, the Netrias Active Discovery Engine™ builds automated workflows to streamline the entire data curation process from end-to-end.

This innovative workflow technology is the core of all of our solutions, enabling data to be rapidly processed and optimized to meet the requirements of any project we undertake.

Active Discovery Engine™ features:

  • Optimizes data processing through easy-to-use, drag and drop workflow nodes
  • Minimizes manual, bespoke processing steps
  • Integrates machine models into the data pipeline
  • Creates consistently and reproducible workflows

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