We’re not machines, but we perform like one.

The humans behind our solutions are fearless free thinkers who drive innovation with an innate thirst for knowledge and exploration. The result is an agile, cohesive team that meets challenges head-on, eager to make an impact on the scientific frontier. There’s room to grow here, and we’re making space for qualified candidates to join us in optimizing the life sciences experimentation process.

Our remote team environment

runs like a machine. Minimal distractions enable our team to make a meaningful impact on leading-edge projects without getting lost in the noise.

Our diverse backgrounds and interests

give us depth, while we find harmony in our identities as problem solvers, information junkies, and students exhilarated by the idea of new frontiers.

Our productive, collaborative staff

takes initiative, appreciates best practices and direct communication, and respects an innovative mindset to drive change in the life sciences sector.

Senior AI Research Scientist

We are seeking a talented Senior AI Research Scientist with a strong machine learning and data science background that can lead and contribute to the development of machine learning algorithms and technologies for term harmonization and curation. You will be working directly with the Chief Scientist in defining and executing the AI capabilities of the company.

Senior Software Engineer

Netrias is seeking to develop and deploy technology to support term harmonization and curation. We are seeking a talented Senior Software Engineer to contribute to the development of this technology. Growth is available across the design, build, test, and implementation aspects of the software development life cycle.